Car Insurance for Provisional Licence Holders


learner driver insurance

Driving is a sign of independence and the sooner you can get on the roads, the better it is for you. You are legally allowed to get your driving licence at the age of 17 (well actually 2 months before your 17th birthday but you’re not allowed to drive until you’re officially seventeen) and it is at this point that the driving lessons start. However provisional car insurance can be a nightmare if you intend to do some private practice.

Different people learn at different rates and driving on your own without any fears or mistakes can come easily or take a long time depending how fast you learn and are able to implement the new skills into practice. If you’re a bit slow on the uptake, then you should practice as much as you can to develop the driving confidence in you. This is not to say that people who learn faster should do the bare minimum. On the contrary, the more driving experience you have, the better driver you will be.

When learning with a driving instructor, there’s a lot to accomplish within a short amount of time. Some people have 1 hour driving lessons (2 hours per session is recommended though) and that’s not enough time to apply the knowledge you’ve been given and master it at the same time. It is crucial to be able to perform all the different manoeuvres without difficulty to pass the practical test. So you can either spend more time with the driving instructor or practice privately. The first option can be costly because the instructor is paid on an hourly basis. In the second scenario, you can learn to drive in a car owned by somebody you know.

Most often, parents want to teach their kids how to drive in their own car. However their current car insurance policy does not cover their children driving the vehicle listed on the policy and when they try to add the son or daughter on their own policy, the insurer bluntly refuse because they do not have a full UK driving licence yet. Some insurers will take drivers who only have a provisional licence on board but this can cost a lot. There are three major disadvantages to annual provisional car insurance and they are:

  • High premiums for provisional drivers
  • Stuck with the same car insurance company for a year which means you cannot get better deals after passing your test
  • Risk of losing no claims bonus for main driver (if you have an accident, your parents will lose their NCB because you’re a named driver on their policy)

The solution if you just have got your provisional driving licence is simple – you just need to get insured for the time that you’re a learner. Hence a learner driver insurance policy is more suited for you and the advantages are as follows:

  • Flexible short term car insurance policies – insure to drive your parents’ (friends/family) car for as little as a week
  • No risk to parents’ no claims bonus (NCB) – the policy will be in your name so if you have an accident, it will be claimed under your own policy and not your parents
  • Get better deals when you pass – when you’ve passed your driving test, you can get car insurance with another company as you’re not bound to an annual provisional insurance policy contract

Bearing all this mind, it makes sense to go for provisional car insurance if all you’ve got is the green licence (no pink one yet but working towards it) as this will enable you to get more driving practice to help you pass your test quicker.

learner driver insurance